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341 Meeting

If you are late or not in the Courtroom when your case is called, I will move you to the end.  If I am on time, your case  will be called the end of the hour.  If I am behind, your case may be heard at the end of the day or continued, since it is not fair to punish those that show up on time. You should expect traffic delays, especially since my 341's are usually on a Monday. You should plan accordingly.


The Bankruptcy Code requires me to question the Debtor, not the Attorney for the Debtor.  Coaching is not appropriate or ethical.


Please notify me one week prior to the 341 meeting if your client requires a language interpreter. If you need a deaf interpreter you will need to call the Office of the United States Trustee immediately after filing the case to make arrangements..

Inclement Weather

I will attempt to email all Attorneys if I learn the Spartanburg Federal Courthouse is closed.  I will also try to post it on this website. Even if the Courthouse is open, if you feel it is dangerous for you to travel, please do not travel.  I usually have email access at 341's so email me at  if you cannot make it to your 341 Meeting.

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