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Pro Se Debtors

Your Assets are Frozen

Now that you have chosen Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, you are not allowed to sell, transfer or liquidate assets without permission of the Court or release by me as Trustee. If you sell, transfer or liquidate assets there may be serious legal implications. Included in your assets is your Tax Refund which may not be spent.

You are your Attorney

You have decided to represent yourself.  I will treat you exactly like I treat Debtor's represented by a licensed Attorney.  The law does allow you to proceed Pro Se, but if you make a mistake or something goes wrong there is no one to help you.  It is not the responsibility of the Court or the Trustee to give you advice or assistance.  If you cannot afford an Attorney, you are encouraged to contact Legal Aid and see if they can provide you with representation. Read the sections on this website titled "Schedules" and "341 Meeting" to find further information about your responsibilities. 

Information Required 14 Days Before 341

I am the Chapter 7 Trustee in your Bankruptcy Case.   As the Trustee, I am requesting that you provide me with :


1. The United States Bankruptcy Court requires that you provide me with Federal and State tax returns for the previous year filed prior to the date of your Chapter 7 Petition filing. If you have not filed a tax return in the last two years, state in an email that you did not file.


2. If requested 90 days of ALL Bank Statements in your name, whether the bank account is opened or closed. BE SURE THE BANK STATEMENTS INCLUDE THE ACTIVITY FOR THE DATE OF FILING. Debit cards and prepaid debit cards are considered bank accounts.

3. If requested, latest statement reflecting current balance for each secured creditor (House, Car, etc)

If requested, latest statement for all retirement plans.

Please email the requested documents to me at:

Debtor Identification for 341 Meeting

You must provide a government issued identification with your picture and your social security card or other proof of you social security number on the Declaration Form which must be notarized.  This requirement was sent to you by the Court, so if you have any questions, refer to the document sent to you by the Court. Your case will be continued if you do not have proper identification. Email this to

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